What your clothes say about you – according to the Media

What your clothes say about you – according to the Media

I have recently stumbled upon an article on Facebook relating to the meaning of colour in your wardrobe and what this says about you. First of all, the title of the article, “5 Things your clothes are saying about you”, is not quite accurate, it is really about the colour of the clothing and not the type of clothes.

The article goes on to note that wearing red, according to studies, ‘means sex’ and that wearing glasses makes you look smarter but less attractive. I find this so contradicting to reality and not only because I wear glasses, but because this old school thinking should not have a presence on social media, in my opinion. The narrow-minded views projected by Eric Barker in 2004, are still doing the rounds in 2017, even though it was posted by TIME in 2016. Are writers scrambling for content?! Surely not.

Is this a classic case of good vs evil? I find the recent movements towards a healthy appearance and the latest trend to show posts without make-up or pre-editing, in battle with the ‘quick-post’, old school thinking. Stereotypes are alive and well in today’s society – sure, there are plenty of examples of this and anybody who knows me will know I am constantly fighting this uphill battle.

I guess the point I am getting to is that you do not have to conform to people’s narrow-minded view of what you should look like or what you should wear. There really are no rules.

Read the article here so you can decide for yourself:  An Outfit Says a Thousand Words. 

Be brave. Be bold. BeYOUtiful.

Much love xxx

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