Um…no! Beauty products I won’t buy again.

Um…no! Beauty products I won’t buy again.

I bought a few products over the last few months that have let me down. I certainly had high expectations for these but unfortunately they didn’t make the cut and they won’t be filling my cart again!

Products Fails

As this is my first ‘thumbs down’ post on products, I feel I should explain why I am mentioning it:

When I buy products from big brands, I expect the quality they stand for to permeate throughout their ranges. Unfortunately, the reality is that it doesn’t and that is why reviews are so useful. If you are on a budget, it’s definitely worth finding out whether or not products offer the value they should.

I decided that the most logical way to weigh up the products’ performance would be to compare my personal experience to the product claims. So here they are:

Revlon Ultimate All-in-One Mascara

Revlon Claim:

  • Our innovative, high-impact formula delivers 5 lash-transforming benefits, while our Revlon Power Mini Brush™ leaves no lash behind. Choosing the one has never been so simple.
  • High impact formula delivers the ultimate 5 benefits in 1:
    • Volume
    • Length
    • Definition
    • Lift
    • Intense Color
  • Revlon Power Mini Brush™:
  • Unique mini oval shape designed to reach every lash
    • Hollow core designed to deposit formula for mega lash impact

My Experience:

The mascara looks great at face value, the packaging is modern and compact. In practice, however, it doesn’t score high – I have naturally long lashes and this mascara really does nothing for them; no lift, no volume. I also don’t think it lasts very well, even when using a fixing spray.

The brush is very small which is nice for lower lashes but not so great otherwise. The product just doesn’t deliver on impact. I bought the blackened brown version as I have a light complexion and wanted to wear it to work. Currently I wear it when I go running; it just keeps the lashes out of my eyes.

NYX Felt Tip Liner

NYX Felt Tip Liner Products


  • Our Felt Tip Eye Liner gives you the ultimate control in creating bold and precise lines in 3 opulent shades—extreme black dark brown and jet black. The eye liner marker releases the ideal amount of ink for decidedly dramatic eyes.

My Experience:

I bought the felt tip liner for in Extreme Black, thinking it would look amazing for a night out or more dramatic make-up look. The opacity is just not good enough; after using it only once, it started fading majorly and stopped working. The product does state that it should be kept upright with the tip down, which I did, but this did not make a difference. Maybe I got an old pen but this was a complete waste of money.


It’s unfortunate that certain products don’t live up to the perceived standards of the brand they represent. The fact is that if I am spending my hard-earned money, they need to live up to at least the basic function they were created for. These products simply don’t meet my standards. That being said, Revlon and NYX are beauty industry giants who get it right most of the time so I am still willing to try other products they manufacture.

Have you had a different experience? Let me know!

Much Love x







Disclaimer: These reviews are based on my personal experiences and reflect my opinions. I am in no way stating that Revlon and NYX aren’t great brands, because they are! I love most of their products. One of my favourite NYX products is the Strobe of Genius palette. Read my review on it here.

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