Basics – The Unsung Wardrobe Heroes

Basics – The Unsung Wardrobe Heroes

If you’ve ever watched The Big Bang Theory, you might recall Amy stating: “It would be nice to be with a man who wants to know what’s under my cardigan, FYI, it’s another cardigan!”.  Ah yes, I adore cami’s the way Amy adorns cardi’s – but they are on my list too 🙂

Basics are those versatile items in your closet that can be worn under, over or in-between other clothing to enhance them, make them more wearable, less see-through and more comfortable – the list goes on and on! Basics are the foundation of any great wardrobe and I have a deep-rooted love for them ♥

These base pieces are the solution to many wardrobe and mood malfunctions – I tend to have days where I just don’t feel like wearing a lot of my clothes, even though I do love them and I chose them carefully and thoughtfully. It’s these sort of days when you can’t go wrong with a basic; if you choose the right fit, they are true classics. A less expensive piece can look high-end if you style it the right way – I try to look for quality fabrics as they have less chance of stretching and fading.

The best outfits start with basics – allowing a statement piece (you!) to shine.

Some of my wardrobe favourites include:

Basics_1.jpgAll that leaves me to say is: ‘When in doubt, grab a basic!’.

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