Hello, everybody!

My name is Anneli; I am a lover of all things beauty, fashion, food, and fun! I live in sunny KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, with my fiancĂ© Joe, and my crazy cats, Carlos and Hershey đŸ™‚ We recently bought a house which required some budget cuts in the personal care and food departments. So as a girl on a budget, who can’t sit still and has a huge imagination – I decided to start this blog.

Mode:Maverick has a two-way meaning: In one aspect it refers to thinking is a certain way or ‘mode’, a state of mind, a way of being. This ‘mode’ of thinking is my way of life and the information and opinions I share. I go about my life and share my thoughts as a maverick; somebody who does not always conform to rules or trends but follows what feels natural and true. ‘Mode’ also refers to fashion, which in my mind incorporates, clothing, beauty and food – these are all subjects that transition with trends. A maverick experiments with new ‘modes’, expressing creativity freely and holistically. Everything I write reflects the essence of my being and projects how I see the world.

I am always observing and browsing to find new ideas and methods to create more refined and more unique recipes, outfits or life habits. I am drawn to unusual patterns and colour combinations although my style is quite classic.

I completed my Master’s Degree in Visual Communication in 2015 and I am now continuing my quest to spread positivity and love amongst women.

While I was studying, I analysed the effects the media have on women’s self-esteem, with a particular focus on South African women. Although there are many differences compared to women in the rest of the world due to our high level of diversity, one common thread remains: appearance insecurities and low self-esteem. There is a lot of research about body image and how it can be improved but my approach was to grow a sisterhood amongst women, instead of building walls, comparing each other and competing to be the best.

My awareness campaign, ‘The Sisterhood Self-Esteem Crusade‘, developed from my research and stands for positivity and acceptance amongst women of all shapes, sizes and cultures. The same theme applies to this blog as you will find me being defensive and protective about all things femme. That being said, there is always room to use this mindset to have some fun and to empower yourself.

If you relate to this, join me on this evolutionary journey to discovering and embracing being authentic and true to oneself đŸ™‚